3D Manufacturing Advances

bwhead rich3 80x100 Richard Lee, co-founder of www.mfg3d.com, lives in Taiwan and tracks Asia-Oceanic companies involved in 3D printing with an eye new 3d printer manufacturers that have scale or operational efficiencies, and large scale production manufacturing using 3D printing technologies.  Rich also studies trends in on-demand regional and local 3D printing centers around the world.


Rinkak MMS Launches 3D Manufacturing Management Service

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Japanese firm, Rinkak MMS, is launching a service to help manufacturers locate and work with 3d printing manufacting facilities worldwide.  The service has been in US beta for a few weeks and is expecting to launch worldwide after August 31st.

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3D Hubs Now Lists More Than 20,000 Service Providers

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3D Hubs, which is one of our favorite sites for quick real market data, now offers a marketplace and data from 3D Printing 20,000 service providers.  To mark the event, we added Cellular 3D to their map of Phoenix area oursourcers, specializing in medical prints.

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Cloud DDM Starts with 100 3D Printers at UPS Hub

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Mitch Free, who founded MFG.COM in 2000, has created his own 3D printer and is partnering with UPS to put the printers in UPS hubs for on-demand printing.  Starting with 100 printers operated by just three people, his first location has the capacity to grown to more than 1000 printers.

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